Solent Forts get single owner

Clarenco, the company that owns Spitbank Fort, today announced it has added two more of the Solent’s Victorian landmarks to its portfolio with the purchase of No Man’s Land Fort and Horse Sand Fort. The new owners specialise in providing iconic and unusual properties for the hospitality market. Since acquiring Spitbank Fort in 2009 they have spent £3 million converting it into a luxury resort.

No Man’s Land Fort will also become a hotel complex whilst the derelict Horse Sand Fort is to become a time capsule museum showcasing their artefacts and history. The sea fortifications were built, along with a series of land-based forts, to guard against a French invasion of Portsmouth Harbour that never came hence them being labelled ‘Palmerston’s Follies’ after the Prime Minister of the time. The circular structures have walls 15ft thick with additional armour-plating.

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  • Ianawson106

    on the first picture o f the fort there is a door I made that hole for the door in he 90s