Mary Rose museum progress

Mary Rose museum progress

As one of the nation’s most iconic ships secures funding for major restoration work another is getting a new purpose-built home. Construction of the Mary Rose Trust’s new museum is at an advanced stage ahead of it’s opening at the end of the year. Launched in 1511 close to the spot where she now lies, Mary Rose was one of the first warships to carry heavy guns.

She famously foundered during an engagement with a French invasion fleet in 1545 as King Henry VIII looked on from Southsea Castle. She was raised in 1982 and has been undergoing conservation work at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard since that time. Visit the Mary Rose Trust website for more details.

View a 360 image of the Mary Rose museum under construction.

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  • Mike Kent

    Now HMS Victory is a trust, will their be any gunnery training courses on the cannons, in the future?. Or gunnery training courses on HMS Warrior?. Their must be more people than just me who are eager to learn and train on these fabulous men o war, how they were manned and operated into effective fighting machines. Please let me know, Look forward to hearing from you. 

  • maritimep

    I too would welcome such a gunnery display. There must some enactment societies out there who would be willing to put on a show. Perhaps if the National Museum of the Royal Navy get enough requests they might look in to it.