Ex-HMS Cornwall towed to Portsmouth

The former HMS Cornwall has arrived at Portsmouth for disposal. The frigate was one of four Type 22’s deemed surplus to requirements in the government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review. The stripped down hulk was delivered by  Solent Towage’s Fawley-based tug Vortex, which also towed two of Cornwall’s decommissioned sister-ships up from Devonport last year.

The tug Vortex will return directly to the west country to collect ex-HMS Cumberland. The four vessels are likely to be scrapped, but could also be used as targets. For now they will become the latest in a long line of surplus warships left to languish in Fareham Creek.

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  • Nigel Fishburn

    As an ex crew member of Cornwall (3 Years living on board), if I travel down to Portsmouth is there anywhere I can get a view of the ship, I have a 7 year old son whom I would love to show the ship and maybe say may goodbyes to a great ship.

    • Fishy, you had some times on the Cornwall eh? D1 wouldn’t have been the same without that little ride in the Boxer’s CO’s car  would it 🙂

  • maritimep

    The best opportunity of seeing her at the moment would be to take a harbour boat tour. At present they are only operating at the weekends from the Historic Dockyard. In due course she will probably be moved to Fareham Creek, which is less accessible.

  • Gutted. Old ships

  • Shame to see such versatile ships languishing unwanted after such distinguished careers. These were the very best of the 22’s and I’m surprised no-one wants to buy them as going concerns.

  • Having served on Cornwall for almost 5 years of her first Commision, it”s a shame to see such versatile warships left to languish with the possibility of being scrapped or sunk. These were the very best of the Broadsword class and I’m surprised no-one wants to buy them as a going concern.