Cunard Queens mark Jubilee

Cunard’s current fleet assembled at their homeport of Southampton for the first time to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The trio arrived in formation shortly after dawn escorted by a tug and followed by a flotilla of small boats.

Despite the early hour hundreds of spectators lined the shoreline to watch as they made a noisy entrance and manoeuvred close together for the media. MV Queen Victoria and MV Queen Elizabeth berthed bow-to-bow and continued to exchange horn blasts as MV Queen Mary 2, displaying a giant banner in tribute to The Queen, headed back past to her own berth.

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  • Lizmaryyoung

    Your OH made you go? I must have missed some vital piece of info. Nice to see a picture of a proper ship instead of a floating block of flats.

  • I should really click ‘unlike’ for this one considering the time I had to get up to come with you!