Ark Royal tow

Ark Royal has departed Portsmouth for the very last time. The demise of the revered aircraft carrier was watched by thousands of spectators on both sides of the harbour as the former fleet flagship was manoeuvred out of harbour by tugs into the Solent to join Christos XXIII, the tug that will take her to the beach at Aliaga in Turkey for demolition.

After 17 bids she was sold for £2.9 million to the same ship breakers that dealt with Invincible in 2011. Leyal Ship Dismantling and Recycling has also scrapped the Type 42 destroyers Cardiff, Newcastle, Glasgow, Exeter, Southampton and Nottingham, as well as the Royal Fleet Auxiliaries Fort George, Oakleaf and Bayleaf.


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  • Captain (Retd) Ahmed Zaheer PN

    sad day for the royal navy to see an end to its sea borne aerial strike force.